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    Heating Equipment Brands & Products

    Combustion & Heating Systems represents one of South Africa’s largest suppliers of specialised heating equipment for industrial and commercial applications. We collate the best boiler and burner solutions from leading manufacturers around the world to ensure that the needs and challenges of your facility Burner Services & Repairs are met with expert attention and delivered at highly competitive prices.

    With a long-standing history of product and service excellence, a network of beneficial partnerships within our industry, and a team of highly dedicated, skilled, and experienced professionals, our offers ensure the greatest possible value for our clients, exceptional uptime, and massive long-term savings.


    All our solutions come from world leading manufacturers that ensure the highest quality solutions for boilers and burners, no matter their application or intended operational environment.

    These solutions come to you at highly competitive prices from leading producers such as Riello, Unigas, FBR, Hamworthy, and Ebara.


    We offer a complete range of specialised industrial heating equipment for a range of applications, which includes a range of oil and gas burners, hot water and steam boilers, hot water circulating pumps, expansion tanks, burner control boxes, oil pumps, nozzles, valves and pressure switches, solenoids, and a massive collection of accessories, utilities, gas heaters, gas geysers, filters, cartridges, and spare parts for everything we sell.



    LAMBORGHINI Oil & Gas Burners and Spare Parts lambo2 Lambo
    RIELLO Oil & Gas Burners and Spare Parts riello riello2
    UNIGAS Oil & Gas Burners and Spare Parts unigas unigas2
    JOHANNES Oil & Gas Burners and Spare Parts Johannes Johannes1
    FBR Oil & Gas Burners and Spare Parts FBR FBR2
    ICI / IVAR Hot Water Boilers, Steam Boilers and Accessories ICI-Boilers-300x271 Ivar-Boilers-300x238
    HAMWORTHY Hot Water Boilers and Accessories Hamwothy-Boilers-and-Parts1-225x300 Hamwothy-Boilers-and-Parts2
    FAR Hot Water Boiler Accessories Watts-Industries-Valves
    SALMSON / WILO Hot Water Circulating Pumps Wilo-Hot-Water-Pumps-235x300
    EBARA Hot Water Circulating Pumps ebara-pumps
    LOWARA Hot Water Circulating Pumps ebara-pumps2-248x300
    CALPEDA Hot Water Circulating Pumps calpeda
    ZILMET Expansion Tanks Zilmet-Tanks-300x209
    SIEMENS Burner Control Boxes, Photocells, UV Scanners and Servomotors siemans siemans2
    BRAHMA Burner Control Boxes, Photocells and Gas Solenoid Valves brahma brahma2
    HONEYWELL Burner Control Boxes, Photocells, Gas Valves and Servomotors honeywell honeywell
    DANFOSS Oil Pumps, Control Boxes, Photocells, Transformers and Nozzles danfos
    SUNTEC Burner Pumps suntec2
    FLUIDICS / HAGO / MONARCH / STEINEN Burner Nozzles oil-burner-nozzles
    DUNGS Gas Multibloc Valves and Gas & Air Pressure Switches dungs dungs
    GECA Gas Solenoid Valves and Filters Geca-Gas-Equipment2-172x300 Geca-Gas-Equipment-233x300
    MADAS Gas Solenoid Valves, Regulators and Slam Shut Regulators madas
    AMERICAN METER Gas Slam Shut Regulators American-Meter-Gas-Regulators
    GIULIANI ANELLO Gas Regulators and Fuel Filters Giuliani
    BALDWIN Water Trap Fuel Filters and Cartridges Baldwin-Fuel-Filters
    FAG Burner Motor Bearings and Fuel Filters fag
    BOSCH Gas Geysers Bosch-Gas-Geysers-300x300
    RINNAI Gas Geysers and Gas Heaters Rinnai-Hot-Water-Systems-266x300
    PALOMA Gas Geysers Paloma-Water-Heaters-214x300
    ESKABE Gas Heaters Eskabe-Heaters-1-260x300


    If you would like to know more about our offers on industrial heating equipment, parts, and accessories, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Combustion & Heating Systems today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for additional information on our offers.