Advantages of buying reconditioned boilers

When it comes to reconditioned boilers, their reliability is often questioned. However, buyers often don’t realise that a reconditioned boiler can run just as efficiently as a new boiler and costs a lot less. These are some of the many advantages to justify buying a reconditioned boiler over a new one.

Speed: Manufacturers’ lead times can be from six months to a year, while a reconditioned boiler is generally in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Warranty: Often, you will be able to find reconditioned boilers with the same guarantee as new boilers, warranted for 6 – 12 months.

Quality: Every reconditioned boiler from Combustion & Heating Systems is inspected and hydro-statically tested. Before delivery, we check all systems to ensure quality and usability.

Performance: A new boiler can be designed to meet specific needs. However, a reconditioned boiler can be retrofitted to meet current industry standards including, low emissions, control, etc.

Reconditioned boilers from Combustion & Heating Systems are always thoroughly shop-tested, which means there’s a reduced field start-up time.

Installation isn’t always included with a new boiler purchase. However, combustion & Heating Systems offers a complete turnkey solution with installation when you buy a reconditioned boiler.

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Next time you want to buy a boiler, be sure to consider these factors when choosing between a new or reconditioned boiler.

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