Selecting an industrial burner

Finding the right industrial burner for your heat process application can prevent any unnecessary downtime and costs further down the line.

These are key points to consider when choosing your next industrial burner.


Burner capacity or burner rating is the range between the minimum and maximum British thermal units (BTUs) that is released from a burner in optimal conditions.

Before selecting an industrial burner, ensure the models you are considering have an adequate capacity your processes. Too little capacity can lead to downtime in production that could hurt the company’s bottom line. Too much capacity means the company is paying for an industrial burner that is not being optimally used.


Burner turndown is the ratio of maximum capacity to the minimum capacity and is an indicator an industrial burner’s ability to handle various load sizes.

Temperature needed

The temperature of your processes is another important consideration when choosing an industrial burner to ensure it has the temperature performance necessary to meet the application needs.

Process details

Indirect firing methods may be achieved by firing into a tube. Not all industrial burners are capable of tube firing, so it is important to know the processes entails, as this can be a key factor in your choice.

Flame geometry

Make sure that burner you choose has the proper flame geometry to fit a specific chamber. Industrial burner manuals can help you determine the proper geometry.


Consider whether a wall-mount and in-duct burner will be a better selection in terms of maintenance.

Wall-mounted industrial burners are easier to access but tend to be impacted by cross velocities.

In-duct industrial burners are more difficult to access but are better suited to handle cross-velocity issues.


Industrial burners can be lit by a pilot or direct spark, and although some allow for both methods, its application will indicate which method, and in turn which industrial burner, is best.

Contact Combustion and Heating Systems

There are several other factors that influence industrial burner, but this is a good starting point. Combustion and Heating Systems is a member of SAGA (South African Gas Association) with registered gas practitioners who can install gas pipelines and issue COC’s when required. If you have any questions about selecting the best industrial burner for your application, contact us today.

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