Keeping your Boilers in Top Condition

boiler maintenanceWith winter well and truly behind us for the year, it can be tempting to push the thought of boiler maintenance to the back of your mind. Though, if you would like to avoid expensive repairs and ineffective heating during next year’s winter months, it is essential to keep your boiler properly maintained even when it is not in use. Maintenance on boiler systems is typically far less complicated and time consuming than people would naturally assume. So, to help you approach it in the right way, here are some maintenance tips that you shouldn’t ignore.

Check the vent, chimney and heat exchanger

When checking these components, you are essentially keeping an eye open for stress, warping and holes which could ultimately lead to leakages and water damage. However, often enough these deteriorations are not easily noticeable, and are better gauged by looking for signs of leakages such as water in the surrounding area. When problems like these occur on any of the boiler’s components, they generally lead to further, more expensive damages down the line. So if you spot any signs of trouble, you should look at having those components replaced as soon as possible.

Keeping the circulating pump lubricated

For water to be moved around your system effectively, you need to ensure that the circulation pump is working smoothly. For this reason, the pump should be properly lubricated at least once a year to ensure optimal performance and heating.

Flushing your boiler

It is necessary to have your boiler flushed from time to time to remove any excess dirt, rust or debris that may have built up in the system over time. While it is possible to do this yourself, it can be a relatively complicated, potentially messy, and even a dangerous task to undertake if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. In such cases, it is far better to have a technician handle it for you.

Have a professional handle maintenance for you

Working on boilers can be dangerous. There is a risk of burning yourself or even incurring electrical shock, which could be fatal in some cases. Besides this, DIY maintenance on boilers often leads to further damages, which can result in higher reparation bills. So, to have it done right the first time, it is a much better option to have a professionally trained technician handle maintenance for you.

Contact Combustion and Heating for further details

If you would like to know more about having your boiler professionally maintained, or would like to know more about sourcing high-quality parts and systems, contact a consultant from Combustion and Heating today, or visit our website for further details. We are waiting for your call.

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