Do your Part to save Power this Winter

1For most South Africans, the approach of winter heralds a time of having to put up with load shedding. The demands that heating puts on the national power grid at this time are substantial, which makes it no surprise that as the cold approaches, people all over the country start looking for effective ways to heat their homes without having to spend all of their hard-earned money on power bills.

Though besides the matter of cost, it is the duty of all of us living in the country to do our part to alleviate pressure on the grid, making it even more important to find ways of warming up this winter that cost less power.

These simple heating solutions for your home will make all the difference to your comfort, and will certainly save you money on electricity in the long run:

Keeping warm

The first and most essential challenge brought on by winter comes in the form of staying warm. Each year the temperature plummets, leaving households scrambling for measures to warm themselves. Electric heaters might make you a little more comfortable, but the stress that they put on the power grid is substantial, and so should be avoided at all costs; and all the blankets in the world can only do so much to beat winter’s icy chill.

So why not consider investing in quality oil and gas burners which do a sterling job of heating small and large areas, while replacing the cost of electricity with the substantially more efficient cost of gas or oil.

Getting Hot Water

When winter sets in, it becomes even more crucial for households to have a reliable supply of hot water. The cost of running a geyser, however, can be quite high and they put immense pressure on the power grid, leading many homeowners to switch them off for large parts of the day; but there is a better solution.

Gas powered geysers can provide piping hot water instantaneously, which already gives it an advantage over electric geysers. What is more, they cost far less to run since they only operate when the water is in use. So why not make the switch for good?

Low Power Lighting

While lighting doesn’t typically take up the bulk of your power costs, they do add up quite quickly. For this reason, LED and energy saving lights are essential for every household this winter.

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