Combustion and Heating Systems at your service

Our sales and technical staff provide our clients with efficient and friendly service followed up by a 24 hour after sales technical support team. We sell oil and gas burners, hot water boilers, hot water heating systems, heating equipment and all the spare parts.
Our factory does maintenance, services, repairs and reconditioning of burners and hot water boilers. The technical team of registered Gas Practitioners who commission and issue COC’s are able to design and install natural gas lines, new or extensions as well as hot water pipe lines and fuel lines.
We supply and install plate heat exchangers in stainless steel or titanium as well as stainless steel thermo panels for submersing in tanks.
We also supply and install hot water cylinders and hot water or steam calorifiers of any size and capacity, horizontal or vertical in stainless or mild steel.
Our electric line of heaters is mild or stainless steel, galvanized or lined in various KW outputs.
Applications and Industries to suit our products
We are able to supply numerous industries with our various applications such as process plants, dairy and ice-cream factories, the food industry, and fruit drying farms, bakeries, industrial ovens, paint plants, spray booths, swimming pools and Panel beaters. We distribute our products throughout South Africa and Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Angola and Nigeria.
Installing a Gas Line in your home
There are many benefits to installing a gas line in your home such as cost savings, gas being less expensive than electricity and heating oil’s, and the convenience of not being effected by electricity outages.
Please call in and visit our Heating Specialists
Combustion and Heating Systems in Roodepoort aim to provide clients with efficient, timely and personal service. Our technical team will assist you in making the correct decision for heating your premises.

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