How does a gas geyser work?

With all the power cuts happening at the most inconvenient of times having a gas geyser will not only save you a lot of frustration but money as well. A gas geyser always has hot water on demand, heating only the amount of water that is needed using gas instead of electricity.

How does it work?

Gas geysers heat the water instantly as it is demanded, as soon as a hot water tap is opened, and the water flows through the pipes at a sufficient flow it triggers a sensor inside of the gas geyser, a tap with a slow leak will not trigger the sensor, igniting the gas burner.  The water flows through the pipes in a serpentine pattern, this allows it to absorb the maximum amount of heat emitting from the heat exchanger.

Once the tap is turned off the sensor again is triggered, and the burner goes out. Some gas geyser models have a permanent pilot light lit that ignites the larger burner when hot water is demanded and reduces to the pilot light when the hot water tap is closed.

Computer controlled gas geysers

Modern gas geysers are all fitted with an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), this is used to control the temperature control, gas flow and ignition, unlike older gas geysers where everything was controlled manually. The newer gas geysers with fitted ECU’s are much safer automatically cutting the gas off as soon as it senses a fault.

Condensing Gas Geysers

Condensing gas geysers have a secondary exchange heater that pre-heats the water using exhaust gasses from the burner. Condensing gas geysers are extremely energy efficient, an excellent solution to the current economy situation.

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