Understanding hot water circulating pumps

Hot water circulating pumps are used to circulate the hot water in a closed circuit to prevent the water from cooling.

Water in a hot water system cools when not in use for a long time and accumulates near the taps, so when you turn on the hot water tap, the gathered cold water flows out before the hot water comes out. In addition, this free-running cold water while waiting for warm water leads to wastage.

However, using a hot water circulating pump circumvents the time lag and water wastage. It continuously circulates a little hot water through the system, making it available instantly when you turn on the top.

Selecting a hot water circulating pump

To ensure your hot water circulating pumps function efficiently, they should be chosen based on these physical and environmental factors, their need, and application:

  • Circulating pumps are classified as on-demand circulation pumps and auto-timed circulation pumps. The former is manually operated at the required time, while the latter is automatically controlled by an adjustable timer and aquastat. As a result, auto-timed pumps are more expensive.
  • Water flow rate, measured in litres per minute (LPM), is the amount of hot water necessary to be circulated in the system to ensure an instant hot water supply.
  • Cold water is returned to the system through a return line. A return line is only required when the tap is far away from the pump system.
  • The amount of energy necessary to power pump operation efficiently is another important consideration. The power source is usually powered by batteries or solar power.
  • Piping for the systems needs to be effectively insulated to prevent heat loss during flow.

Advantages of using a hot water circulation pump

  • Hot water is available instantly with no waiting time.
  • Water wastage is significantly reduced.
  • Instant clean running water because there’s no water stagnation.
  • Elimination of bacteria and pathogens by heating the water to a specific temperature.
  • Maintenance-free and lower operational costs.

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