What is Heat?

Heat, simply put, is the transfer of energy from an object that is hot to one that is colder. There are many different energy types that can be converted into heat energy. Electrical, mechanical, and light  energy can cause substances to heat up by increasing the speed of molecules. As an example, if a person is cold, they can jump around to heat up. Below we discuss a few types of energy that can be converted into heat.


Sunlight is converted to heat as the sun’s rays warm the surface of the earth.

Mechanical Energy

Mechanical energy is converted into heat energy when, for example, you bounce a ball. Each time the ball bounces on the ground, a part of the energy of the ball’s motion is converted into heating the ball.

Chemical Energy

Chemicals found in the food we eat are converted, amongst other things, into heating up our bodies.

Thermal Energy

Thermal energy can be transferred to other objects, causing them to heat up. When you heat up a pan of water, for example, the heat from the hot plate causes the molecules in the material of the pan to vibrate faster, causing the pan to increase in heat. In turn, the heat from the pan causes water molecules to speed up and then heat up as well.

Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is converted into heat energy when objects such as electrical stove elements or light bulbs are used.

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