Boiler Basics

If your boiler knowledge is as rusty as this picture, you should probably keep reading.

Whenever I think of a boiler, my mind automatically dumps me into a space of engineering complexities. My father, who was a mechanical engineer, would frequently speak about giant boilers and their associated applications on large-scale mining projects. It was all rather complicated. With that being said, the basics of boilers and their applications are far easier to understand than I initially thought.

What Exactly is a Boiler?

A boiler is a piece of equipment designed to heat water for various purposes (including steam generation). In a home environment, this heated water can be used for showers, baths, cooking as well as central heating. Boilers are closed vessel systems and they rely on various fuel types in order to function; coal, gas, oil and gas can all be used as fuel combustion for boilers.

Uses On Ships

The primary function of boilers is to produce steam. As such, most, if not all ships will be equipped with a boiler because the steam that they generate can be used for a variety of applications, such as turning electrical generators, pressing clothes in laundry services, warming up engines and even propelling ships. As with home uses, a boiler can also provide heat to cold areas on ships and for the comfort of guests.

Types of Boilers

There are three types of boilers; a conventional boiler which has a cylinder for hot water storage and two tanks, a system boiler which also has a cylinder for hot water, but with other components built in for ease of installation, and lastly, a combination boiler that is equipped with a central heating boiler and requires no cylinders or excess, separate pumps.

Looking for a Boiler?

No matter your industry, it can benefit from the use of a boiler. Steam power generation, sanitation purposes and heating purposes benefit any and every business in one way or another. If you are looking for a boiler to benefit business functionalities and processes, finding a reputable boiler company is an apt place to start. For more information, contact the team at Combustion & Heating Systems or visit their website.

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