Solid waste incineration

Solid waste Incineration is used to combust the organic material that is in waste. Solid waste is converted into heat , flue gas and ash. Solid waste incineration is the main alternative to leaving waste in landfills where it would sit for hundreds of years. So say no to waste and yes to solid waste incineration!

Reduce solid waste volume

Incinerators decrease the volume of waste produced by approximately 95 percent and fully reduce the solid mass of the original by between 80 and 85 percent . Industrial incineration does not completely eliminate the need for actual dump space , but it does significantly brings down the amount of space required to house the waste which is especially important in urban areas where space is very limited and could be used more productively.

Turning your waste into power

Solid waste can actually be transformed into a sustainable energy source , free electricity. The process is called : waste to energy incineration. In special facilities , non-hazardous waste can be incinerated in high tech incinerators that turn waste into electricity. This reduces the strain on the power grid by creating “sustainable energy” and saves the space in landfills by a large amount.

Do your part to reduce pollution

Studies show that solid waste incineration actually produces less pollution than landfills do.

The studies show that landfills actually release higher amounts of greenhouse gases , hydrocarbons , non-methane organic compounds , hazardous air pollutants , nitrogen oxides and dioxin than waste incineration facilities do. Also over time , landfills can release dangerous and harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil and by doing so into the underlying groundwater , which in turn poisons underground water systems.

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