Choosing the right heating system

Understanding the difference between a boiler heating system and a burner heating system will help you determine which heating system is best for your needs.

The difference

Boiler heating systems use hot water or steam from hot water to heat your home, while a burner heating system uses warm air that circulates through the home to heat it.


There is one major difference in how the two systems are powered. Both a boiler and burner heating systems can be powered with natural gas or electricity. Burner heating systems can also be powered by liquid propane gas (LPG). Boiler heating systems can also be heated with oil and even wood pellets.

How they work

Boiler heating systems heat water up to extremely hot temperatures, then use a special pump to distribute the heat throughout your home. Burner heating systems heat up the air and pushes it through your home using a blower. This creates an ambient home temperature.


Boiler heating systems require only an annual service tune-up done by a professional. Burner heating systems, on the other hand, requires a change in air filters monthly or quarterly in addition to an annual inspection.

Pros and cons

Boiler heating systems

The heat from a boiler heating system is more comfortable.

A boiler heating system is less noise, more energy-efficient, and offer better air quality inside your home.

The water from a boiler heating system can be reused.

However, a boiler heating system is more expensive, and leaks can cause extensive damage.

Burner heating systems

Burner heating systems cost less than boiler heating systems, are quick to install, and are less likely to freeze in frigid winter temperatures.

On the other hand, burner heating systems can worsen allergies, and have an increased risk of valve leaks.

Contact Combustion and Heating Systems

Choosing the right heating system for your home requires a bit of research. Often a boiler heating system is a better choice. Combustion and Heating Systems is a member of SAGA (South African Gas Association) with registered gas practitioners who can install gas pipelines and issue COC’s when required. If you have any questions about whether a boiler heating system or burner heating system is the better choice for your needs, contact us today.

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