Energy Efficient Heating Solutions for Winter


With winter breathing its icy chill down our necks, South African’s all over the country are looking for cost-effective ways to keep their homes and places of work warm. With constant pressure put on the power grid, especially in a period of high demand such as winter, households and properties can expect their power bills to rise substantially while they use heaters to beat off the cold, but what if there was a simpler, more cost-effective solution for staying toasty this winter?

Oil and Gas Burners

Gas and oil burners have been a favoured heating solution for many contexts, for a very long time now; and with good reason. This method of heating, and even powering certain devices provides energy and heat at a fraction of the cost of doing it off of the grid with electric heaters. They can also provide light, providing the perfect solution for the resource-conscious homeowner.

Hot water and steam boilers

When you need a solution to heat a large area that cannot simply be covered by gas and are also looking for an effective and affordable means of doing so, the installation of a hot water and steam boilers is the ideal way to heat more spaces with less investment, effort and running costs. Steam boilers, much like gas burners require the installation of a number of accessories, but the initial investment is well worth the power savings you’ll make later on.

Gas Geysers

Running electric water geysers on a constant basis can make them take up the bulk of your power budget, but hot water is an essential commodity in the modern home, especially in winter time. Fortunately, developments in gas heating technology have allowed for the production of compact, gas-powered water geysers that can be fitted to your bathroom to allow for the instantaneous heating of water at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Gas Heaters

There are many different types of portable and fixed gas heaters available that will allow you to heat large and small areas with relative ease, safety and at a lower cost of connecting a heater to the power grid. Sizes and strengths vary depending on your heating needs, but all of them promise savings in the long run.

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