When Should You Service a Solenoid Valve on your Burner?

All mechanical equipment requires a certain amount of regular maintenance to continue operating correctly, and the solenoid valves on your heating equipment is no different. Failures may not only be expensive, but may result in extended downtime, expensive replacements and may even pose a danger to personnel in the area, or those that are operating burning equipment. Because of this, proactive maintenance is important for their continued operation. If you have been neglecting maintenance and suspect that the time has finally come where you can no longer avoid it, these questions will help you determine whether you are ready to use the time, effort and resources needed to bring it back into excellent condition.

What Opportunities Would You Miss if the Solenoid Valve Fails?

Downtime is never a good thing, and if you are unsure about the condition of your solenoid valves, there is a good chance that it will come unexpectedly, and will also take a longer time to rectify. Halting production on current projects is bad enough, but if you are unprepared to take on new tasks because your equipment is unreliable, you could be missing out on major business opportunities.

What Are the Production cost of Failures?

Un unreliable burner raises the chance of mistakes, and mistakes can be costly. Think about the wastage that an unpredictable burner can cause. Scrapped projects, wasted materials and even broken equipment could result from a damaged solenoid valve; all of which could cost your business uncomfortable amounts.

Does the Solenoid Valve Present a Risk or Hazard?

When working with hazardous equipment and elements, safety is always a chief concern; and let’s face it, few things are more hazardous than fire. A faulty solenoid valve could lead to internal and external leakages. Having combustible liquids covering the inside and outside of your burner is something you want to avoid.

How Would Servicing Set You Back: Time and Effort?

If you service your own equipment or need to wait for spares to arrive, you will not only be spending less time on productive tasks, but will also be redirecting your efforts and resources towards keeping your equipment operational. However, with proactive maintenance and replacements you can plan for such events and set time aside so that it doesn’t interrupt your productive activities; whereas sudden failures will almost certainly result in unwanted and avoidable lengths of downtime.

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