What Goes into Boiler Maintenance?

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Boilers and furnaces are the staple for many of the heating applications undertaken by industries and communities all over the world, and as such, their operation and maintenance is something that should always be considered a priority for those households and businesses that make use of them. While they may come in different shapes and sized, and from varying manufacturers, they all have one thing in common: With enough time, they will lessen in their integrity and become inefficient or even dangerous to use as a result. So, to help you feel more comfortable with the process of boiler maintenance, so that you stay on top of yours, here is a little more information on what goes into their upkeep each time it is seen to.

A Thorough Inspection

To begin with, a boiler technician will first inspect the general condition of your boiler to ensure that there are no signs of rust, corrosion or oxidisation. As a part of this inspection, the controls on the boiler will also be thoroughly tested for any faults, and replacements or restorations will be made if the need arises.

Stripping it Down

The next step involves stripping the protective casing from your boiler. By doing this, a technician can get a closer look at it, as well as the components contained within in order to see if anything needs replacing or servicing.

The Gas and Flue Checks

All boilers produce a certain amount of carbon monoxide, which is a toxic gas not suitable for human consumption. Unfortunately, any appliance (such as boilers) that make use of fossil fuels come with this risk. As a result of this, the device’s emissions and extraction system must be thoroughly inspected by a professional technician to ensure that it is not emitting harmful fumes in your living or working spaces during operation.

Cleaning and Assembly

Once the components, controls and coverings on your boiler have been thoroughly inspected, and repairs and replacements have been made, the technician will begin the process of cleaning down each component before re-assembling the boiler.

Final Inspection

From this point, one final inspection of the boiler is undertaken to ensure that everything is in order, all components are working an accounted for, and that there are no signs of liquid or gas leaks. This is generally done against a checklist to make sure that nothing was missed out, after which the process of maintenance is considered complete, at least for the time being.

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